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    熱門關鍵詞: 回轉小火鍋 旋轉小火鍋 電動餐桌 自助小火鍋


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    • 旋轉小火鍋的利潤開銷

      Hot pot in winter -- hot pot equipment||

      Under the dual needs of keeping warm and satiety, the peak season of Jiangcheng catering industry is coming, and hot drinks and cooking have become the first choice for dining. Dingding discount, the largest mobile coupon platform in China, recently released the Wuhan consumption index from October to November 2013. The data show that the total consumption increased



      Among them, hot selling types in winter have become popular, and hot pot and buffet have begun to show the trend of mainstream consumption. Eating hot pot in winter has become one of the first choices for consumption. Netizens describe it this way: the joy of hot pot lies not only in the lips and tongue, but also in the warmth of that melt.
      As soon as winter comes, when it comes to hot pot, there is no one who doesn't love. At least, there are more people who want to love autumn pants than autumn pants. Every winter, a new hot pot shop opens in Wuhan. Whether it is spicy hot pot, health care hot pot or organic hot pot, it still eats the deep fragrance, heat and harmony in the heart.

      According to the search data, the enthusiasm for buffet increased by nearly 45.90%. In addition to the steady popularity of high-end consumer cafeterias such as leopard, middle-end consumer cafeterias such as Kaiwei and jinhans even need to "turn over" within a limited time to meet the meal needs of many people waiting in line.

      by nearly 12% from October to November.

      Barbecue search index rose as high as 71.92%, ranking third in the top list; Various hot pot snack merchants such as string have launched activities such as free single pot bottom and second kill "string" on Dingding preferential platform. Some merchants have launched various preferential activities simultaneously on their own microblog platform to attract popularity. 上一篇:一元旋轉小火鍋訂制

      跟旋轉小火鍋掙錢相關的產品 / Related Products

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